Ten times we are alive, Ten times we will win!

July 16, 2007 at 8:27 pm Leave a comment

Ten times we are alive, Ten times we will win!

The Mapuce People of the Lonko Puran community in Argentina have sent today a communication to REDAMAZON. (see the full version in Spanish in the Resistance page).

Diez veces estamos vivos, Diez veces vamos a vencer!!!

El Pueblo Mapuche del Lof Lonko Puran han enviado hoy un comunicado a Redamazon. (para ver la versión completa en español entra en la página de Resistencia)


On June 19th, 4 Mapuche leaders were pleaded innocent to charges of “violent occupation of a road to stop the production of the Loma Negra Oil field”. The charges were raised by the American company Pioneer Natural Resource. The Mapuce Confederation Neuquina organised a 2 days workshop in Xawvn Mapuce, on 14-15 of July to discuss the worrying advance of the gas and petrol industry in their territory, in complicity with the regional and national government. Once more, the economic interest prevails over the rights adopted in the national law and the international agreements.

As a result, we have decided the following actions:

– We declare a permanet alert state to defend our territory and our development as People
– We unanimously refues the oil and gas exploration in our territory

Therefore, we demand:

– The ending of the legal and political prosecution of Mapuce Leaders who defend our territorial rights.
– The immediate cancelation of all the Oil and Mining concesions granted by the State in our territory
– We urge the regional governmet to inmplement the Frame of Recognition of the Mapuce Peeople and the article 53, which states: “the government will ensure the participation of Indigenous people in the management of their natural resources and other matters that may affect them, and will promote positive actions in their favour”

Because of all state above we say :

MARICI WEW MARICI WEW!!!! Ten times we are alive, Ten times we will win!


Entry filed under: Indigenous Resistance, Rights, and Survival.

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