• You can find below 2 of my last articles:

1. Researching the Amazonian Oil Conflict: Critical Approaches, Access and Indigenous Methodology

2. Oil Politics in the Amazon: From Ethnocide to Resistance and Survival

  • The Creation according to John D. Rockefeller. La Creación según John D. Rockefeller. By Eduardo Galeano (Memoria del fuego/Las caras y las máscaras) the-creation.pdf
  • The essays in this volume provide a remarkable portrait of the hothouse
    brew of corruption, cronyism, unilateralism, neoliberal rhetoric,
    protectionism, and good old American nationalism that has marked the
    Bush administration’s approach to post-war and post-disaster reconstruction. Focus on the Global South 2006. destroy-and-profit.pdf
  • Whose energy future?. Big Oil against people in Africa. Groundwork report 2005. reportbigoil2005.pdf
  • Recommended reading: “The Futures of Indigenous Peoples: 9-11 and
    the Trajectory of Indigenous Survival and Resistance”. Thomas D. Hall and
    James V. Fenelon Journal of world-systems research, x, 1, winter 2004, 153–197. Special Issue: Global Social Movements Before and After 9-11

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